Program Overview

5th Grade Band and Music Lessons

The BMMS Beginning Band Program offers students a hands-on experience that teaches the basic performance skills needed to play in school instrumental ensembles and compliments the knowledge gained from previous general music classes. Participation in the band program fosters creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking while introducing students to standard band literature. The Band Program addresses the Massachusetts Music Frameworks with emphasis on standards 1 – 5 and Fine Arts Connections Strands 6 – 8. Students will learn about basic sound production on their chosen instruments as well as a fundamental literacy of music notation.

An incoming student will select an instrument he or she wishes to play along with one alternate choice before the start of 5th Grade. Success on a student’s selected instrument will occur through clear instruction provided by the teacher and a supportive home environment for practicing. Switching instruments will only be allowed during the first month of the school year and with the approval of the school band director. Upon enrolling in Band, students must commit to study for the first half of the school year.

Each student shall receive one lesson per week in small groups divided by like-instrument (“Music Lesson”) and will participate in Concert Band rehearsals 2x per week during the school day. Because performance is an integral part of the learning process, all band students are required to participate in all performances, including those outside the school day such as evening concerts and other events throughout the school year.

5th Grade Band is open to any student with a desire to learn how to play a band instrument and with the approval of the school band director.