Summer Scholarships

For Summer 2014, the Bellingham Friends of Music are offering ten scholarships of $100 each to students who successfully complete a summer music program. In the event that more than ten students apply, the final decisions will be made by Mrs. Forte and Mr. Glynn. Students who are awarded a scholarship will be reimbursed by the BFOM following the summer program’s completion.

In order to qualify, students must submit the following no later than September 1, 2014:

  1. This completed application form (click here for the form)
  2. A short essay (see application form) of not more than two pages
  3. Proof of payment (receipt, invoice, copy of check, etc.)


Please note: these summer scholarships are intended for MUSIC EDUCATION programs – not a sports camp, scout camp, etc.  Listed below are some local camps that we highly recommend, but you are not limited to this list.  We encourage you to research other music opportunities in the area.

Families are responsible for registering students for summer camps – including deposits and tuition up-front.

Some Recommended Local Music Camps:

Foxboro Jazz Camp – all ages, all instruments and vocalists

South Shore Conservatory’s Summer Music Festival  – grades 7 through college, all wind instruments

Foxboro Instrumental Music Camp – grades 5 through 9, all instruments

Rhode Island College Music Institute – grade 9 through 12, all instruments and voices

University of New Hampshire Summer Youth Music School – middle school and high school sessions, all instruments and voices